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Engineering Automation Technology Ltd has a Calibration Laboratory of both Pneumatics and Electronics Instrumentation for both field and Laboratory Equipment.

Instrument Line Piping, Hook-ups, Tie-in and Commissioning.
Instrument Systems Revamping/Upgrades
Pressure Testing Operations
Calibration Services

Torque Bolting: Torque is the twist or the resistance to rotation. When used in reference to a fastener, torque is the resistance to turning of the bolt or nut. Torque is based upon the fundamental law of the lever: Force x distance = the torque or twist around a point. Torque is most commonly measured in foot-pounds or inch-pounds. In practice, if one pound of force is applied one foot from the center of the fastener, the resulting torque developed would be referred to as one foot-pound of torque. If the resistance measurement is in inches, the resulting torque would be referred to as twelve inch-pounds of torque