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  • In Event That Equipment was Released for Calibration and was unable to be adjusted to a calibration range, Engineering Automation Technology Limited shall issue a Non Conformity Report and Calibration Fee will be Charged in Full.
  • In Event of Situation above Engineering Automation Technology Limited Shall in addition to the Non Conformity Report Recommend the Parts for Repairs and Where the Client approves the Repair of the Equipment by Engineering Automation Technology Limited, Equipment will be calibrated after repairs free of charge.
  • Where estimate quotation is given, it shall be regarded by Parties as an estimate and subject to reconsideration, if during the process of service/repairs additional spare-parts and labour are required to carry out
  • period shall be as stated in our offer/quotation. In the event of failure within the warranty period, free of charge inspection shall be carried out. If the inspection shows that the (failure/defects) is/are due to poor workmanship or materials used in the last service/repairs, a new free of charge repairs will be effected. There may be additional charges, including freight and other incidental expenses. Warrantee does not cover any damage traceable to Power Surge or Operations.
  • Spare parts: Where spares are supplied and used as part of a repair by us, the above stated warranty applies whereas, spares supplied by us ex-works and not fitted by us; the warranty is void.
  • Engineering Automation Technology Limited reserve the right to refuse to undertake service/repairs:
    • (a) If the article is too old, obsolete, too bad in shape, tampered with, or spares not obtainable, repairs shall not be guaranteed, estimated repairs cost too high and out of proportion to the value of the article. The customer shall be so informed and if he insists on the repairs being carried out he shall pay in full such charges before the repairs is carried out in the case of (a) above.
    • (b) If the source of customer provided spare parts is not satisfactory or trusted – Equipment Shall not be repaired.
  • Where service/repairs are carried out in the customer premises, it is the responsibility of the customer to provide required operating conditions, such as but not limited to- constant supply of electricity, controlled room environment and other stipulated conditions as in the manufacturer operation manual and related documents. Engineering Automation Technology Limited may not warranty such Repair if the Enviromental Conditions are not Similar to Required Conditions.
  • Payment is as stated in the estimate/Quotation.
  • Delays: If there are delays occasioned by the customer, this shall be charged accordingly.
  • If any circumstances of force majeure should prevent or hinder full or partial execution by either party of the obligations arising under this agreement, the party so affected shall be excused the performance of its obligations only to the extent that such performance is prevented or delayed. The party affected by force majeure shall notify the other party within 7 days of its occurrence and shall make every reasonable effect to shorten the delay arising or caused by force majeure and minimize the effect of same as much as possible. For the purpose of this agreement, force majeure shall be construed as circumstances beyond the control of either party to this agreement including but not limited to act of God, public disorder, fire, national strikes, war and changes of Federal Government policy, affecting adversely any respect of this agreement.
  • Where equipment is brought to our workshop for diagnostic and/or repairs, we reserve the right to dispose of them if not collected within 90 days after diagnostic and/or repairs. Engineering Automation Technology Limited reserves the right to charge for the cost of instrument assessment.  Issuing of Purchase Order by the Client to Engineering Automation Technology for Repairs or Calibration or Both or Release of Equipment to Engineering Automation Technology Limited Workshop/Laboratory for Repairs or Calibration is acceptance of Engineering Automation Technology limited Calibration & Service/Repairs Terms and Conditions.